Monday, February 11, 2008

Death Dreams: Part 2

Death Dreams Part 1 happened about two months ago. I wasn't surprised that it happened again--I'm kind of surprised that I don't have them every night.

In this dream I was on the job in the coroner's office in the morgue, but it was my first day. Doc. Robbins from CSI was there and he was leading me into the room. I had my eyes covered up and he kept asking me if I was going to be okay and I kept saying "I don't know." I was trying to sniff the air because I figured the place would smell terrible, but it didn't. I finally open my eyes and I'm standing in front of about ten bodies on gurneys...that are all sitting up. They're all dead; some are peaceful looking, like they fell asleep and died, while others have terrified looks on their faces.

I begin working on a girl who is 23 years old. I was supposed to remove her jeans and her socks. Her jeans were my same Banana Republic skinny jeans (I wore them on Friday). I took care of them, folded them up, then decided to snoop around the place. I started looking in drawers and cabinets and I came across the test score cards of the two women I was working with--both of them had gotten a 68 out of 100 on the Official Mortician Exam. I remember thinking "I can do way better than a 68."

So, this dream combined my a) fascination yet fear of the dead, b) my financial concerns--the jeans represent that, and c) my obsessive-compulsiveness about getting good grades. It's nice of my dreams to work triple-time for me. I expect that my death dreams will become crazier as I get further into my studies and my brain continues to process everything that's happening to me. I will, of course, post them.

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